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MID-Engine Tube Chassis Design
The supplier we were using is not making the tube chassis for us, its not available at the current time becasue I do not have the time to mamage the process to have them made. But we will continue to build body parts and hardware replacement parts for the original Sterlingsbecausemanage.
Features of RX mid engine tube chassis include:  All brand new suspension parts, square and round seamless DOM tube for main structure, engine installation access from under the rear of the car with room for Subaru 2.5 boxer engine. Built in roll cage and dual side impact support rails, rear disk brakes including emergency brake, adjustable independent rear suspension with coil over options. The front end double A-arms, manual rack and pinion steering gear, front disc brake kit (rotors, calipers, bearings, etc.), coil overs, front radiator add-on.  Many upgrades are also available to meet your specifications. We work with the best chassis shops in the USA to help us produce the chassis you need.

6'4" foot tall driver
Updated 2014
The tube (mid engine) chassis

Assembly Required                                                                                                        B020 Summer 2005
The Sterling RX frame kit was developed by working with top chassis builders. The chassis can be modified to work on the street once its modified to meet your states or countries local DMV laws, and is inspected to meet their safety requirements. Look up the now "Special Constructed vehicle Registration". The RX kit gives you everything you need to fit it under your new or classic Sterling body. 
The chassis works with off he shelf new suspension parts to you can add you own suspension to build your own full rolling kit. Left-hand and right-hand drive configuration available.

Here’s a list of what you need so you can build your rolling Sterling tube chassis kit.

Frame:  Materials you can use are high strength mild-carbon steel, it can be Mig-welded and orTig-welded based on your skills.  We recommend using a Chassis shop near you. 
o Welded mount points are noted on the plans to add steering gear, and suspension components you can buy off us or just add you own.   The plans show the triangulated roll cage that’s contoured to the shape of the body to offer high rigidity. 
o The lower steel floor of this design adds much more headroom the floor is 4 -5.5" lower in the cockpit depending on how you mount the body higher or lower on the frame to fit your wheels size. The flat bottom floor design aides in more leg room under the dash, and also adds for aero/downforce under the car.
o Mounts are designed to installed the rear Ford Cobra IRS suspension including mounts for coil over shocks. You can purchase new from ford racing.  Mounts can be installed for full front a-arms you can buy from us along with the full disc brake package or add you own suspension of your choice,

We can sell you the following add on items to add to you chassis.
Front & Rear Suspension System: High quality Carrera brand shocks and coil-over kits with complete upper and lower control arms and rod links in front and rear. We include: all new suspension components, adapters, brackets and hardware. 
o Front complete (A-arm kit) and complete rear four link arm kit and hardware
o Front damper kit (pair), shocks (QA-1 adjustable coil over), machined aluminum, threaded with spacers, kit, coil-over spanner wrenches, fasteners and, aluma coated 2.5" ID springs included
o Rear damper kit (pair), shocks (QA-1 adjustable coil over), machined aluminum, threaded with spacers, kit, coil-over spanner wrenches, fasteners and, aluma coated 2.5" ID springs included
o Rear Aluminum Ford Racing Cobra IRS suspension, All new parts form Ford.
o Rear inner and outer bearing kit with steel pacers, bearing caps, axel nut o-ring and gasket kit. 

  Brakes and Steering kit: You can mount a High performance manual steering or power steering rack with tie rod end kit, fasteners, bushings. Plans were design to fit the size of a Mustang 2 steering rack. See Speedway Motors for deals.  You can also buy a complete mustang 2 front suspension package avalable from most racing part suppliers like, Summit racing, Jegs,Speedway Motor, and many more online shops. 
What you will need:
o Front brakes are large 11" rotors with GM calipers, mounting brackets, brake pads, and installation hardware.
o Disc brake rotors with ½"-20 wheel studs 5 on 4.5" bolt center (lug pattern).
o Brake hose kit
o Competition GM spindles, you can get ford bolt paterns also for many more rim options.
o Upper and lower spindle bearings and bushings
o Rear disc brake and Ford Racing rear caliper kit
o Mustnag 2 steering rack, mounting hardware Left-hand and right-hand drive configuration available.
o Tie-rod end kit, Steering rack bushings and sleeves
o Rear disc brake kit has emergency brake rear caliper style when you use the Cobra style rear suspensuion.

Options to Complete chassis kit
The RX chassis plans give you a great headstart to build your car, except for select running gear parts. Many other engine options can be used. We have details in the plans for mouinting the subaru enigne ad transaxle. you could mount VW and porsche transaxles also you just need to figure out what is best for your build.   We recommend the economical Subaru Boxer engine: EJ22 or EJ25: 2212cc to 2457cc, 165-320 hp found in most models 1989-to present WRX STI, Impreza, and Legacy, and Subaru manual trans axle. Purchase the engines new or rebuilt from a number of shops and reconditioning shops. To obtain the lowest center of gravity and power to weight ratio, the Subaru boxer engines are the best option for the track. Turbocharged versions are available with hp ranges up to 560 HP. Many other engine and transaxle options can be used. Even electric engine options.