40th Anniversary
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MID-Engine Tube Chassis Design
Features of RX mid engine tube chassis include:  All brand new suspension parts, square and round seamless DOM tube for main structure, engine installation access from under the rear of the car with room for many V6 size engine options, built in roll cage, dual side impact support rails, rear disk brakes including emergency brake, adjustable independent rear suspension with coil over options. The front end includes double A-arms, manual rack & pinion steering, front disc brake kit, adjustible coil overs. and (rotors, calipers, bearings, etc.),   Many upgrades are also available to meet your specifications.

Updated 2014
The tube (mid engine) chassis

Assembly Required                                                                                                        B020  2014
The Sterling RX frame kit was developed by working with top chassis builders. The chassis can be modified to work on the street once its modified to meet your states or countries local DMV laws, and is inspected to meet their safety requirements. Look up the new "Special Constructed Vehicle Registration" laws in your state. The Chassis kit gives you everything you need to fit it under your new or classic Sterling body. 
The chassis works with off the shelf new suspension parts or you can add your own suspension. Left-hand and right-hand drive configuration available. We will have chassis plans available for sale check back often.